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MNS Engineering

About Us

MNS Consulting Engineers works closely with all parties from clients to developers and project team leaders to closely monitor and ensure smooth and accurate implementation of all electrical requirements. We follow strict guidelines throughout the project process to ensure quality is achieved and that client expectations are met. Starting with an in depth analysis with the client at the start of the project, all needs, preferences and strategies are assessed to determine the best way forward.

Following the strategy sessions, the concept and viability of the project is assessed to finalize the project scope in accordance with the original brief including scale, form and function. The development of the design and documentation procurement soon follow.

MNS Consulting Engineers continue to provide valuable input through constant supervision and management of the contracts and processes used including the preparation and co-ordination of the procedures and documentation to facilitate practical and accurate completion of each project.

Who We Are


MNS Consulting Engineers aims to be the best in the eyes of its clients and constantly strives to surpass its competitors, through maximising and achieving operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our customers are our most valuable asset and building valuable, trusting relationships with our clients provides solid foundations for greater customer satisfaction. MNS Consulting Engineers also endeavors to contribute to environmental protection by providing sustainable, 'Green' solutions across all projects to ensure greater potential for the future.


MNS Consulting Engineers is a young, vibrant, energetic and dynamic company, who are passionate about engineering. We understand that all our clients have different needs and through positive relationships, strong morals and enthusiastic work ethics we deliver to any requirement through innovation and a positive synergy between MNS and the clients. We rigorously focus on resource conservation in terms of cost, energy and time, opting to save our clients money by applying cost saving techniques and processes wherever possible. And as early adopters in cutting edge technology with large focus on energy savings, 'Green' technologies are used to enhance sustainability for the future.

We also save on time by expediting resources where possible to avoid unnecessary delays and lags. These are just some of the many tools in our strategic arsenal used to put our customers first, ensuring that their business gets the right solutions first time.

We focus on Energy Saving


MNS Consulting Engineers aspires to support upcoming businesses and new construction through cost effective, 'Green' electrical and electronic solutions tailored to specific needs.

Of utmost importance is the ability to deliver electrical solutions in a safe and reliable manner on every project that are both sustainable and efficient for the foreseeable future. The idea of 'going green' is no new concept but it is an ideal that is closely held by our team at MNS. The environment is the most valuable resource we have and our environmentally friendly designs and electrical solutions ensure that we maximise our clients resources and potential while still keeping it 'Green'.

Diversification of skills is important to us and we draw on only the best in in-house and supporting skills to maximise potential and performance. This diversification of skills also allows us to constantly adapt to changes in environmental, technological and business factors in order to maintain excellence in everything we do.

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