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MNS Engineering

Our Expertise - Electrical Consulting

Electrical energy systems encompass the design of large electrical transmission systems, electrical machines, high power electronic converters and high voltage engineering. MNS Consulting Engineers provide all the necessary planning and designs to implement large power intensive projects, requiring such design, across South Africa. From lighting to substation design it is all covered by MNS Consulting Engineers.

While lightning surge protection and other protection systems are of vital importance to businesses to maintain a consistent flow of electrical energy, power generation from both diesel and gas provide perfect backup solutions on a continuous or standby basis.

  • Power Factor Correction Design
  • Distribution Board Design
  • Cable and Earth Wire Design
  • Data Centre Design
  • Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Reticulation Network Design
  • Transformer and Substation Design
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection System Design
  • Lighting Design and Simulation
  • Power Generation (Diesel / Gas)
  • UPS Systems - Redundant (N + 1)
  • Surge Protection
  • Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Energy Saving Techniques
  • Energy Metering
  • Tarriff Structure Analysis
Our Expertise
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